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A few friends of mine and including me for the past few years have hosted an irc server on one of our dedicated servers. We use it for just personal reasons. We like the aspect of it that it allows private messages and chat rooms. Plus the ability to send/receive files and is cross platform (Linux/Mac/Windows/Mobile). Our domain is about to expire and we are looking to move onto something new. So we are looking for a chat client / server that offers the following:

  • Chatroom (multiple people chatting together in the same box)
  • File transfers
  • Private messages
  • Cross Platform (especially mobile ie: Blackberry and Android)
  • We don't have to host it but that isn't out of the question
  • Logging on the client side (we say a lot of crap and like to go back and quote said crap)
  • SSL/TLS Some sort of encryption some of the stuff said/sent is of a sensitive nature ie: business nature

Edit: I have looked at jabber but either the server just offers way to much stuff we don't need or it would require way to much work to get it running on one of our servers.

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Actually both alternatives you're ruling out might actually work for you

I used to run an openfire jabber server- its simple to install, and does everything you mentioned in your list.

Alternately, stick to an irc server + ssl encryption, and add a qwebirc client

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