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The Macbook Pro has two graphics cards, one which is built in and another one that is more powerful.

I installed XP Pro using bootcamp. Which graphics card is XP using, and how can I switch the graphics card that XP uses?

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To switch your graphical card, go to Energy Preferences and select the other "profile" on the top. It's counter-intuitive, I know.

To see your graphical card on Windows, as people already pointed, you have two options: press [Win Key] + [R] and type either "dxdiag" or "devmgmt.msc" and look for the "Display".

I believe there's no way to switch card in Windows, tho. I've read it will always use the only most powerful one. Which makes some sense - why else would you run Windows on Bootcamp if not for playing games?

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Look in the Device Manager in XP, under Display Adapters. It'll show you which one it's using. As for switching, I have no idea. Not sure Boot Camp can do that. I also don't think XP would support switching a graphics card while it was running. You'd most likely have to reboot.

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Start > Run > dxdiag > System and Display tab

You should get a wealth of information on which graphics card XP is using.

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