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Given that complacency probably isn't the best idea what do people believe the right approach to staying safe when using Mac OS X is.

Not doing dumb stuff and staying patched are pretty obvious but are there other things which Mac OS X users should be doing?

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Please search for other similar questions, such as this: – jtbandes Jul 24 '09 at 8:29
Anti-malware precautions doesn't just = anti-virus. Firewalls, sensible behaviour, anti-spyware, browser choice, patching... – Jon Hopkins Jul 24 '09 at 8:39
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Is there any real reason why you should not be making precautions that PC/Windows users have been doing for ages now? I don't see why you should be expected to do something above and beyond the same common sense practices that have been proven tried and true by PC users for years.

  • Don't open and download attachments from email you don't trust

  • Have good anti-virus and anti-malware software running

  • Have a decent firewall set up to prevent intrusions

  • If you think a site is shady, don't go to it and don't download crap from it.

  • And if you still aren't sure, ask a PC user who already knows.

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But the Apple commercial told me that only PCs get viruses!!! – Geoffrey Chetwood Jul 24 '09 at 14:35
And Steve Ballmer told me Vista "good" and "worked". They all lie... – Jon Hopkins Jul 24 '09 at 21:55

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