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Is there a screenshot equivalent of OS X's Shift-Apple-3 or 4 built into Windows 2003 Server?

Just to clarify,

I have this Win 2003 box on a KVM switch .. and since I am at a 95% OS X shop, the only keyboard I had hanging around is a Mac keyboard -- So I was looking for a way to get a screenshot from the server sans a PC Keyboard .

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Print Screen is actually just F13 with a specific function.

Depending on the Apple keyboard model (not all Apple keyboards follow the same mapping) the following MAY work:


Some other combination of modifiers + F13 may also work

Another option would be to use the Windows On Screen Keyboard

On XP you get to this via

Start-Programs-Accessories-Accessibility-On Screen Keyboard

should be somewhere similar on 2003

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Thanks ... Straight F13 worked on this keyboard – CaseyIT Mar 15 '10 at 15:31

Attach a windows keyboard or use 3rd party software that can be set to use a different keystroke - Ashampoo Magical Snap Free for example.

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