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Let's say that I have two spreadsheets with addresses. I uploaded these spreadsheets into Google Fusion Tables, geocoded the addresses, and exported the results as KML files. Now, I want to take these two KML files and merge them, while maintaining the location data and using it to map the points with Google Maps.

Well, I found a way to easily merge the KML files: import both of them into a "My Maps" map with Google Maps! However, my problem is this: when I do that, all of the locations in my data have the same marker icon on the map. From past experience, I know that these markers can be somehow defined inside the KML files. Is it possible to combine these two KML files while giving one's points one marker icon and the other's points another marker icon?

Just in case my question is confusing, what I mean, is giving the first set of points blue markers, for example, and the other set of points red markers, so that they can be overlayed.

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I didn't find any tools for doing this, but if you want get your hands dirty you can edit the kml file and add the <icon> and <iconstyle> elements.

<Style id="globeIcon">


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