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I need to take a screenshot of a website as it would appear on a very high resolution monitor... say 4000x3000 pixels. My laptop's screen has a native resolution of 1400x768. Basically, I need to simulate having a monitor resolution much higher than my monitor and video card actually supports. I want the screenshot of the site to look pretty much how it does when you hit CTRL MINUS (zoom out) in Firefox repeatedly, but without any loss of pixels due to scaling. How can I do this? Is there some way to use virtual machine software to simulate a super-high-res display? If not, is there some way to open a browser window bigger than the screen, and then capture its contents as a PNG somehow? Anything else that might work?

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You can do it with Firefox and 2 extensions: Web Developer and FireShot.

Once both extensions are installed, go to Tools - Web Developer - Resize - Edit Resize Dimensions... .

Add a new size, 4000 x 3000. check "Resize the viewport" if you want only the page content to be 4000x3000. If you don't check it, the complete window of Firefox (with toolbars, menu, ...) will be set to this dimension.

alt text

Once at the correct size, go to Tools - FireShot - Capture Entire Page and ... . Select an action, like Save for instance. It will save the page content that has been set by Web Developer to the desired size.

alt text

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SUPERB answer. Upvoted. –  Alexander Burke Mar 16 '10 at 0:18
AWESOME snark! Thanks so much! –  Joshua Carmody Mar 16 '10 at 13:20
@snark - Well, that almost worked. But it seems that the Web Developer extension won't let me make the viewport bigger than my screen...? –  Joshua Carmody Mar 16 '10 at 15:27
@Joshua : it works fine for me. I tested before posting my answer. I made a new test but couldn't find where to host such a big image –  Snark Mar 16 '10 at 15:36
@snark - Ah. Maybe it's a Windows XP thing (that's what I'm stuck with here). In any case, I can work around it by using FireBug to insert a DIV with style="width: 4000px; height: 3000px;" into the HTML code, and then using FireShot, so I'm still good. Thanks for pointing out FireShot. That makes me life a lot easier. I had been scrolling around and taking screenshots than compositing them manually before. It was a MAJOR PAIN. –  Joshua Carmody Mar 16 '10 at 15:50

There's also an extension for Chrome that will do this:

Webpage Screenshot

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On a Mac, Paparazzi can help, either using its GUI or using a URL syntax like:


enter image description here

The URL syntax can easily be turned into a bookmarklet. Paparazzi uses the WebKit rendering engine.

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I use a FireFox add on called Abduction to create a .png shot of a webpage in its entirety. Unfortunately that add on hasn't been updated to be compatible with FireFox 3.6 yet.

Looks like ScreenGrab will do the same thing.

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Well, with a Linux (or X Window System setup of any flavor) you can set a virtual desktop that is larger than your monitor. You scroll around in it, but I would think you could then maximize your browser and screen shot it.

I don't know if there is a way to do it in Wwindows or OS X.

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I find using online services like thumbalizr easier than installing browser plugins, if you don't need to do this often.

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Firefox 16 onwards now contains the ability to control the size of the viewport with the developer console:

Open up Tools ... Web Developer ... Developer Toolbar

Resize viewport with this command:

resize to 5000 5000

Screen capture with this command:

screenshot output.png
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