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I need a converter to convert G729 or G711 files to WAV/WMA/MP3 or any other format which can play in for example Windows Media Player.

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If you don't have many you can do them online here: Online audio conversion tool - Guru Audio Convert

There is also a linux command line tool, if you have the right codecs installed: http://redice.krisk.org/

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"... This free offer is a single-port Win32 implementation that allows for experimentation with the G.729 standard. You can take it from one desktop computer to another without constraints. It is important to note that this version is not indemnified, which means that this code cannot be used for commercial purposes — it is restricted to research and prototype development. If commercial deployment is planned, you must obtain the legal right by licensing the intellectual property..."



http://www.archived-mails.info/wav2g729-freeware-to-convert-between-wav-and-g729-t2095.html (download here)

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