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I'm looking for a software similiar to Windows Desktop Search or Google Desktop, that can also display results from our Intranet search engine in the same manner it displays regular results (files/emails/etc.).

So far I managed to add Intranet search capabilities to Windows Desktop Search, but it doesn't show the results in the programs UI, but requires the user to press a "Search Intranet" button that opens the browser.

Would be happy to hear any suggestions.

Thank you.

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I'm using Lookeen as my designated search tool. Originally an Outlook search add-in, you can also set it up to index/search any folders you want. It's fast, pretty easy to use, and to customize. More information on it's website if you want...

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I've used X1 and was very happy with its speed and its UI.

alt text

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It's ok that the UI is nice but X1 doesn't support what I need. – user31313 Mar 21 '10 at 7:56

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