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I recently installed Suse Linux enterprise Desktop 11 on my box. I created an user and logged in first time into a GNOME session without any problems. Last time I logged in I selected the session as TWM and that got me into the T windows manager just fine. Now when I log out and try to log back into a GNOME session, it will still log me into the TVM session. I have tried restarting the box but that has not helped.

However, when I remote log in to the machine it will let me get on the GNOME session just fine.

I'm guessing this is probably a really simple fix, however I am a Linux newbie and doing a google search isn't yielding me what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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I came across this in a CentOS instance. What I did was yum erase twm and the wm has no choice but to load gnome after re-login. If you don't need TWM, and can't get it done using other methods, just do a

zypper remove twm

or use whatever name TWM has on SUSE.

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