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I created a launchd .plist file to in order to have a python script run every hour. I ended up editing and later deleting the .plist file ( in /Library/LaunchDaemons )... but somehow launchd is still trying to run the script.. The file that the original .plist was calling is also no longer present ( it was in /usr/bin ).. Now every 10 seconds launchd is still attempting to run the script, fails, and respawns...

I tried fixing this with Lingon.... to no avail.. Is there a way to kill this process for good? I tried logging out and restarting as well...

Machine is running 10.5.8

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Have you tried:

launchctl list
launchctl stop label

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I did, and finally doing a < sudo launchctl remove label > Killed it for good – CaseyIT Mar 18 '10 at 13:53

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