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This questions concerns Firefox 3.0.12 on Linux.

I have multiple Wordpress installs on one domain, let's call it For this example I only need two, I have and Both of these have their own database and their own Admin account.

The problem is that Firefox sees these two as the same account. If I regester {Admin,Password} for last it will suggest the /two password when I later am about to login at /one too.

Is there a way to solve this?

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This isn't an answer to your direct issue but Opera already does this. When it asks to save a password you can tell it to save it for the current URL only (

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It's great to know, and thank you for answering! However I've come to depend on my specific set of extensions which I use. If there is nothing out there I'll look into how hard it would be to develop this kind of functionality as an extension myself. – Deleted Jul 24 '09 at 16:12

Use a different browser. Firefox developers have decided the current behavior (match domain + username) is the only way (which was different in Firefox 2.x). See the Firefox bugs:

Bug 263387 passwords should be stored for host+path and not just host

Bug 444333 Password not saved for multiple login within same domain

Bug 436275 wrong password filled in when same login is used for different forms

All those bug reports are marked as "wontfix", meaning the developers think is not really a problem or is too hard to solve or it will create more problems.

The last bug report even includes a Javascript patch (which only works in Firefox 3.6) which changed the behavior of the password manager to match the domain + user field (not the username) but it could be modified to store the complete URL or anything else.

Finally, I don't know of any Firefox addon that allow to store the same username for the same domain for different sites/applications (at least not those addons which use the Firefox Password Manager, maybe those replacing or using an external password storage can do it).

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