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I have a machine with OpenSolaris. After I have logged in, it seams like I have to use a mouse to start an xterm console (or some other application). How can I navigate in the graphical environment without a mouse? Is there any keyboard-shortcuts that I can use instead of using the mouse? I.e. I can't even access the menu without using my mouse.

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You could try ctrl-alt-tab until you select 'top expanded edge panel' then navigate with the arrow keys. (You may have to press the arrow a couple of times before it actually selects a dropdown menu.) Also, if you want to use multiple virtual desktops use ctrl-alt-left/right arrow key to navigate the workspaces. Good luck.

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ctrl-alt-F1 should give you a login screen (terminal only). To get back to the graphical screen it should be ctrl-alt-F8 I believe.

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Thanks! I mostly means just after I have logged in, how can I navigate in the graphical environment without a mouse? I have updated my question now. However, I tested your commands, but they don't work for me. – Jonas Mar 19 '10 at 22:42
Virtual consoles are only available/usable with latest OpenSolaris development builds and need to be enabled first. You go back to the graphical environment with ctrl-alt-f7. – jlliagre Mar 24 '10 at 12:53

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