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I am looking for an all in one portable .exe that fixes Windows XP problems. Like this one but is for 7 and Vista.

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While it's actually a disk image, if you think of it as one big portable solution it's very decent. fedoraproject.org –  Josh K Mar 20 '10 at 17:23
I am looking for a USB portable solution. Not a CD. –  Chris Tarazi Mar 20 '10 at 17:27
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I think what you are looking for is XP Quick Fix Plus . From DownloadSquad ,

The program is essentially a collection of registry fixes, since that's where most of these problems originate. You might want to create a system restore point prior to running Quick Fix (or backing up your registry) just in case.

XP Quick Fix is a free, portable download and - not surprisingly - runs on Windows XP systems.

Update: if so, Windows XP Manager is also an all-in-one tool.

Update2 : I've found another tool, namely Re-Enable Tool.

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Update2 is great. +1. I will wait and see what else comes up. –  Chris Tarazi Mar 23 '10 at 22:29
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It's simple: Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Automatic Updates -> Automatically Download and Install Updates

That's job number one. Do that and you'll stop most things before they start. Put another way, anything you might consider a "common problem" is checked for the root cause and if it's possible to fix it a patch will be released.

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I think Dial-a-fix may be what you're looking for:


It fixes a lot of common Windows XP problems. Make sure you click on the little "hammer button." Lots of features are hidden underneath.

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