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I'm looking for a program that I can use to control the mouse from the keyboard. I think a video can explain it much better than I could, so please check out Mouser from

Unfortunately, it's only for Windows, but something like this would be the perfect solution. I found a lot of help on mapping keys to programs, but nothing about mapping keys to mouse control.

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If you look at that HackaDay article, it says he created Mouser.exe after viewing a presentation from a guy at Google. Google's known for its use of linux, right? One of the links from your HackaDay article took me here: And here is a demo of keynav in action

Just tested on Ubuntu 10.10 and it works fine. I had to install libxdo-dev before it would build (make), but then it ran fine. Note there's no 'make install' target, so just copy the keynav binary it builds to someplace in your path (~/bin, /opt/bin, etc).

Doesn't work awesome with dual monitors.Edit: NM. Split at least once, than use Shift+[hjkl] to move the divider around. That can jump you to the other screen.

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It was there all along... Thank you! – K. Norbert Apr 28 '11 at 15:32

It can help out partially . System -> Settings -> Assistive Technologies; then Keyboard Accessibility, under "Mouse Buttons"

Also using Shortcuts may help you too.

another way is using ctrl-shift-numlock that is supposed to be the key combo that will let you move the cursor with the keyboard. But, I can't very sure that it works, since my laptop doesn't have a dedicated numlock key. you can control the mouse from keyboard. Keys / and * on the numpad select left mouse click and right mouse click respectively. Mouse click is done by 5 on the numpad.

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In Ubuntu 11, Gnome I found this in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard and then Mouse Keys tab and check Pointer can be controlled using keypad.

To access System menu use ALT+F1 shortcut.

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For Ubuntu users you can try:

  1. System-settings
  2. Universal Access
  3. Pointing and Clicking tab
  4. Switch off the key that says Mouse keys.
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