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I am having problems with the refresh rate if the screen .

In the the refresh mode of the monitor in the monitor options have only one option 60Hz.

I have LG 24 + ATI Radon 3870, and have already installed the ATI driver via Ubuntu download center.

Any idea how I solve that one?


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LCD's doesent really have a refresh rate as such so they usually (all the time?) only have one value to choose from.

From wikipedia (highlight by me)

Much of the discussion of refresh rate does not apply to the liquid crystal portion of an LCD monitor. This is because while a CRT monitor uses the same mechanism for both illumination and imaging, LCDs employ a separate backlight to illuminate the image being portrayed by the LCD's liquid crystal shutters.


The closest thing liquid crystal shutters have to a refresh rate is their response time, while nearly all LCD backlights (most notably fluorescent cathodes, which commonly operate at ~200 Hz) have a separate figure known as flicker, which describes how many times a second the backlight pulses on and off. However they also have a refresh rate that governs how often a new image is received from the video card (often at 60 Hz).

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