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I'm looking for a program to convert PowerPoint block diagrams to ASCII. I found Ditaa, which does the exact opposite of what I want done.

+--------+   +-------+    +-------+
|        | --+ block2+--> |       |
|  block |   +-------+    |block3 |
|        |   |       |    |       |
|        |   |       |    |       |
+---+----+   +-------+    +-------+
    :                         ^
    |       Lots of work      |

I also found FossilDraw, which does exactly what I want, but its speed perf leaves something to be desired.

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JavE - Java Ascii Versatile Editor

JavE - Java Ascii Versatile Editor is a great ASCII art editor. It's cross-platform and it is really convenient.

It can also convert bitmap images to ASCII art.

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I've been looking for something similar. I realize this question is a bit old, but since it features high on the Google results I might as well answer it:

Back in the day I've used CodePlotter which worked very well, but it is Windows only.

The tool App::Asciio also allows you to draw ASCII diagrams. It's a Perl application using Perl-GTK. On my Linux machine (Fedora 12) it installed quite easily with the command:

sudo cpan App::Asciio

I don't know of anything that can work directly with Powerpoint slides, however.

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In the good old DOS days, TheDraw was all the rage for making your own ASCII drawings - admittedly, not automatically. The program's still available - see link.

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