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I have Windows 7 64-bit build 7600 on my Sony VAIO VGN-AR890U laptop. In Device Manager there is a device which I've not yet found a driver for!

My Device Manager

I've followed the Update Driver button's instructions and below is the result, but it doesn't resolve the problem. I was searching the web for the driver but I couldn't find anything special that resolved my problem.

Texas Instruments PCIxx12 Integrated FlashMedia Controller

How can I solve this?

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Latest driver (version for this device that I've found is from Sony. The only problem is that it uses a Wise self executing compressed installer which also checks machine compatibility. I suppose only from Sony build. I successfully installed this driver on an HP running Windows 8.1 x64.

The good thing is that this is just a Texas Instruments PCIxx12 FlashCard driver and can be installed on any machine from any manufacturer that has this device built in.

I personally trust only OEM downloadable drivers so this one is directly from Sony. I wouldn't download drivers from any third party websites as drivers have highest accessibility rights on a machine. Installing a malicious one would be catastrophic failure.

Installation process

Knowing that this is Wise Installer file, installing it is rather easy by following these steps and knowing command line switches of these installers:

  1. Download the driver from Sony's website
  2. Open elevated command prompt
  3. Change folder to file dlownloaded location (usually %USERPROFILE%/Downloads)
  4. Create a folder i.e. TIDriver
  5. Execute this command (assuming downloaded executable's name is TIDMSC-16368200-1042.exe)

    TIDMSC-16368200-1042.exe /x TIDriver

    This will extract contents of this Wise Installer to specified folder - in this case it was TIDriver

  6. Open Device Manager
  7. Right click on your Mass Storage Device missing a driver and select Update Driver Software
  8. Choose Browse my computer for driver software and point it to your specified folder.
  9. Confirm and you should have driver installed and card reader working without any issues.


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