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I have several routes that are created when I connect to my company's VPN using Cisco VPN client. (It appears to be a bug in our VPN client that we're subjected to this in the first place: Allow Local LAN Access is ON but the client is ignoring the option.)

I have a virtual machine running on my system that I want to connect to while I'm on the VPN. I can do this reliably by deleting the route to the network of my VPN's Host-Only adapter created by the vpn client but I have to delete the route every time I connect to my VPN.


How do I reliably prohibit either the deletion of these routes either at the time of connection, prohibit some of them from being created, or work around them?

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Because I am using the Host-Only VM adapter with set IP addresses on both the host and guest I created a work around as follows:

Add a persistent route from the host to the VM using the following command:

route -p add <guest-ip-address> <host-vmnet1-ip-address>

Because this is a more specific route than the route that the VPN software creates, this route is used even when connected to the VPN.

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