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I'm having a rather bizarre DNS issue with Snow Leopard.

Certain sites - being the most noticeable for me - have an odd issue with DNS, in all browsers. After not visiting the site after a while (30 minutes or so), the first attempt to access results in a DNS error. Refreshing 1-5 times resolves the issue until the next ~30 minute period of inactivity.

Seen this on three separate Macs at this point. One from-the-factory Snow Leopard install, two upgrades. Most sites are just fine. I Google and found other reports of the same thing with MSNBC, but no solutions.

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It may be a problem with their servers' configuration, or your ISPs. You have no control over either, unfortunately, but you can switch to Google's or OpenDNS's and see if they fare any better.

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I'm using Google's DNS. If it were a problem with the servers or ISPs, why would it only show up in Snow Leopard? – ceejayoz Mar 21 '10 at 23:12

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