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I'm trying to fix a problem on a Vista machine where all the USB ports seem to have power but they don't recognize devices plugged into them.

It seemed to start after I plugged my mp3 player (sansa clip) into it and disconnect it. So it sounds similar to this article but that was for XP. And I did try all the fixes (including the registry entry) but they did not help.

It also sounds similar to this SU question 50110 but I don't think it is the mother board.

I have see other places that suggest reinstalling the OS...but that seems like a last resort type of thing. I have also seen a suggestion of doing a system restore but not sure if that will help.

Any ideas of what I can try?

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This may or may not work for your case. Goto Computer Management > System Tools > Device Manager. Look under the Universal Serial Bus controllers; there are a variety of Generic USB Hub and USB Root Hub nodes. Try disabling and re-enabling those nodes.

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I was having a similar problem with Windows XP. My 16 gb usb drive gave a "not recognized" error when hot plugged but worked if I rebooted. Disabling and re-enabling the USB host controller in Device Manager fixed the problem. Thanks icelava. – W_Whalley Jun 11 '10 at 10:31

You could try booting from the Ubuntu Live CD to check if the device registers while in the port. If not, it's likely hardware-related (so restoring or reinstalling Windows would have no effect).

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