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Currently, my wireshark can capture traffic from http://localhost (traffic that is on port 80) but it won't capture traffic on localhost:8888

Is there any extra configuration/software that I need for wireshark to capture traffic of localhost on this port? I'm running Ubuntu 9.10

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In preferences you can set a list of ports that wireshark recognizes as http.

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Yes. What he probably means by "won't capture traffic on localhost:8888" is "isn't showing HTTP traffic to or from localhost:8888", which would, by default, happen because Wireshark doesn't think of port 8888 as an HTTP port. A PF_PACKET socket bound to the lo device, which is what libpcap uses to capture on the loopback device, will see all loopback traffic, regardless of the port, unless you've explicitly specified a capture filter that discards traffic. – user164970 Apr 24 '13 at 1:16

Try instead, I am at school so I can't test this at the moment but that should work.

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What capture and display filters are you using?

Have you tried connecting using your local IP address instead of the loopback interface? That is, try or whatever your local IP is.

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