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On a similar note to this question, I recently booted Ubuntu to recover a Windows partition, but couldn't in any way get the keyboard to register.

I recall back in 8.x that you could easily reach the on-screen keyboard (Virtual Keyboard?) via "Assistive Technologies". It seems to have disappeared since 9.x.

For future reference, how can I easily get to it? Recall that in this scenario I won't have a keyboard to enter terminal commands (e.g. to install xkbd or something of the like).

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xvkbd is a small on screen keyboard that is just fantastic.

enter image description here

UPDATE: for installation:

  1. untar the source in a directory, and move to the directory

  2. If you wish to use genuine Xaw insead of Xaw3d, edit Imakefile and remove (or comment-out) #define XAW3D.

    When you are installing xvkbd (for example) in very old systems, you may also want to remove #define XTEST and #define I18N to disable XTEST and internationalization facility respectively.

  3. Run xmkmf; make install

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And how do I install it? – Paul Lammertsma Mar 23 '10 at 8:49
I've updated my answer. – Ye Lin Aung Mar 23 '10 at 9:29
The only way of doing this is really to use the mouse to copy/paste the terminal commands from above. – Paul Lammertsma Mar 23 '10 at 10:16
There's no way I could possibly get this to work. First of all, I can't log in, because I can't type my password. Even if I installed Ubuntu without a password, I wouldn't be able to find this page, because I can't type in the URL. In the end I grabbed a different keyboard that did register in Ubuntu, but that doesn't address the OP. – Paul Lammertsma Nov 23 '10 at 11:36
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The only way to get an on-screen keyboard working, is by using a keyboard. Granted, it is easy to do — all you need to do is install onboard — but it is not possible to use Ubuntu without a keyboard.

I would be delighted to be corrected, and will accept any answer that gets an on-screen keyboard up using only the mouse.

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