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In Microsoft Word 2007, if I put a passage of text into a column layout that spans two pages, Word first puts everything that fits on the first page into a column layout on the first page, then the rest into a column layout on the second page. I want to prevent this breaking.

The question is difficult to phrase, so here's an example of what I want to accomplish:

Instead of

a c e
b d f
g j m
h k n
i l o

I want the columns to be preserved across the page break, like so:

a f k
b g l
c h m
d i n
e j o

Is this possible in Microsoft Word 2007?

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Just use tables instead of columns. Insert a 3-column, 1 row table, delete its borders and put your text into it accordingly (you may have to manually section it into thirds.)

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Use a table instead of columns

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If you put a section break between the two pages and format each page with with columns your content should not span the page/section breaks. You will have to break the data manually between the pages.

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I'm a little unclear on what you mean exactly. Could you show me an example? – Jakob Mar 22 '10 at 13:30

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