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I'd like to know if there is an editor that has PHP code completion and has a fullscreen (not the way komodo edit or notepad++ have) like gedit. I've been searching for some but couldn't find any.

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When I was doing PHP dev, I always preferred JEdit, which is a cross-platform, very flexible editor, with plenty of core features and a slew of plugins available. It does have a fullscreen mode, though I'm not sure this is OS-level fullscreen, or app-level fullscreen (i.e. whether it will hide the OS chrome, or just hide the application chrome.)

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Sublime Text might suit your needs. It's still a little beta-ish in places.


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I suggest to look at the Codelobster PHP Edition. It is great free PHP IDE with own debugger for Windows.

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My vote goes for PHP Designer. It can link to SVN repositories, FTP accounts, has built-in XDebug capability and probably more that I've forgotten about. I don't use many of the "fancy" features, but I love how clean and easy-to-use it is.

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You might try JetBrains WebStorm which is currently in beta release right now, but it works great.

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Actually, there's gedit for Windows and take an easy way . If you want a cooler one, try a harder way. You could try it. For other choice, there's UltraEdit.

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The way they talk about creating random directories in your root dir in that description makes me shiver. Do the UNIX instructions look similar (“Create /devel ...”)? –  Joey Mar 23 '10 at 10:18
That's a lot of work for a method that doesn't explain why it's "cooler". Most of those directories already exist in a typical Unix install, so they're to appease code that expects them. The /devel one would be put in a user's home directory in Unix. –  staticsan Mar 24 '10 at 0:42

Eclipse has the PHP Development Tools features, and I'm pretty sure you can go full-screen with it (or you can at least maximize a text editor within the Eclipse window, which is very distraction free).

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I use VIM. It fits the needs perfectly. You can get PHP debugging and code completion scripts from www.vim.org

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