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Possible Duplicate:
Windows 7 administrator Password lost! How can I login windows 7 without password?

I do not have any disks for windows 7 and can not access anything from my computer. Is there anyway I can reset the password? Is there a master password or something I can do? Oh and I only have one account on the computer.

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You can boot from a Linux CD to reset the Windows password.

Of course, that assumes the Windows partition is not encrypted (in that case, you've lost).

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The easiest way I've handled this in the past was to use (or build if you don't have one) a BartPE (BartPE website, wikipedia) and use Sala Password Renew (sala source).

Boot from the BartPE, either build the PE with sala password renew, or put it on a USB drive and run it once the PE has loaded. Sala password renew allows you to set/reset the password for any Windows accounts on the computer.

UPDATE: see another thread related to yours:

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