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I'm looking for an cable (adapter or something) that can connect a

4-pin mini-DIN S-Video out

4-pin mini-DIN connector

to a:


enter image description here

The reason being I have an ancient piece of specialized equipment (no it's not a DVD- player) that only outputs to S-Video (4-pin) and the modern display only accepts HDMI input. By the way, this is not a home theater question.

So far I've only managed to obtain a 7-pin mini-DIN S-Video out to HDMI in.

Does anyone know where to get a 4-pin mini-DIN S-Video out to HDMI in cable (if there's such a thing)?

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You can't do it simply with a cable. HDMI is digital, S video is just b+w and color analog analog signals. YOu would need some sort of adapter with a graphics chipset. – Martin Beckett Jul 24 '09 at 17:08
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The following appears to offer a 4-pin S-Video to HDMI conversion:

A similar item, but with a bit more detail on what it supports:

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+1 @Sliff, thanks for the quick answer. I'll check them out. is amazing. ;-) – GeneQ Jul 24 '09 at 15:42

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