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I keep hearing the term eyefinity. Can someone explain how to achieve eyefinity? I have 3-4 monitors, what else is needed for this? Just a video card or 2 or is there more to it?

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Jason, were you able to find something that worked for you? – rob Apr 17 '10 at 0:23

Eyefinity allows you to drive up to 6 monitors using a single GPU. You can either run applications which span multiple monitors, or use each monitor separately. Note that you need a dongle if you want to drive more than two monitors from a single Eyefinity-compatible video card. AMD has a list of supported dongles.

Requirements (quoted from AMD's website):

  • ATI Radeon 5400 or higher
  • Driver version 8.66 (ATI Catalyst ™ 9.10) or above is required to support ATI Eyefinity Technology and to enable a third display you require one panel with a DisplayPort connector.
  • ATI Eyefinity Technology works with games that support non-standard aspect ratios which is required for panning across three displays.
  • TV Tuner required, sold separately.
  • Linux support scheduled to be enabled via a future ATI Catalyst™ driver release.

EDIT: Also, be sure to check out the article on Tom's Hardware, AMD's Eyefinity Technology Explained.

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Dongles are only necessary if your monitors don't already support DisplayPort, of course. – Shinrai Sep 24 '10 at 14:13

If you need 4 monitors and graphic card does not support 4 monitors, but has Display Port - you need to buy MST (Multi Stream Transport) Hub and connect it to display port.

Like this: or this:

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