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The fans on both of my HP Compaq 610s are constantly on and the base is fairly hot and I don't know if this is standard issue. HP assures me that this is unusual and that I should return them as DOA.

Because both laptops have this problem, I'm thinking that this might be a design flaw rather than a one-off problem.

I've updated the BIOS and using their recommended power settings.

Am I missing something? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Has anyone else had this problem?

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Possible causes and next steps:

  • Dust in the system, preventing heat dissipation.
    • Turn off the laptop and use compressed air to try to clear the dust.
  • A process is keeping the CPU at or near full use. If your CPU has power management it will be running hotter than usual.
    • Use a program like Task Manager or Process Explorer to determine what program is causing excessive use of the CPU.
  • A process is using the GPU heavily causing it to produce heat.
    • I am currently not sure how to determine the program that may be causing this issue.
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