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I have launched an instance of EC2. Initially the security group I created did not have the port 80 open. I sshed and installed Apache etc, and now want to open port 80. I am using elasticfox.

So I

  1. go to Security Group - > [My Group name] - > Grant new permission
  2. Open up the port 80(Http with TCP) for network range

Now my assumption is that these ports should be opened up on the instance, but the instance is not responding on the allocated IPs, public DNS entry. What should I do next?

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If you're using a windows instance, then you also need to open the port on that instance's individual firewall.

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You're probably using a RedHat instance, which has port 80 blocked in the firewall config by default.

run the following command and enable www/http/80 in the firewall config: system-config-firewall-tui

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