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I have a file which needs many tables in html. I have the tables in separate files.

I run in a file.markdown unsuccessfully

source ./table.html

How can you source in a file of .markdown -format?

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According to the markdown syntax, there isn't a tool within markdown to do what you want.

Usually if you want to do this, you can create a small script to put the tables into the markdown where you want with a replacement of a token in the markdown text. You can do this in for example bash script by this:


cat testfile | (
  while read i; do
    if [ "$i" == "##TABLESAREHERE##" ]; then
       cat table_file
       echo $i

when you run your script, it will then generate the final markdown which will be used.

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Your script seems to put the table inside the file in .markdown -format. – Masi Jul 24 '09 at 19:10
.markdown accepts inline HTML. What is the problem? – jamuraa Jul 24 '09 at 19:16

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