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I've mounted a directory via sshfs:

sshfs <user>@<host>:/var/www <host>/

However, after a few hours, the "something" happens, and I can no longer use the mounted directory. Symptoms are similar to when an nfsmounted server becomes unavailable: ls fails, cd fails, etc.

I've attempted

sshfs -o reconnect <user>@<host>:/var/www <host>/

but that never responded.

Does anyone know how I can either unmount the directory, and remount it, or force sshfs to reconnect to the server?

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well, unmount-remount is easy enough

fusermount -u ~/mountpoint
sshfs user@host:/dir ~/mountpoint

Done! As a sidenote, do you have ssh keepalive set to no on your server? You might simply be getting timed out.

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