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I'm trying to install the Shrew VPN client. In the process of installation an error occurs:

Error 0x800f0203: Couldn't install the network component.

It occurs when the installer tries to execute

C:\Program Files\ShrewSoft\VPN Client\netcfg.exe -add service vflt C:\Program Files\ShrewSoft\VPN Client\drivers\vfilter.inf

Antivirus, firewall, etc are disabled and I'm running as an administrator.

I've installed vfilter.inf manually, but it leads nowhere.

I have a similar situation with the Cisco VPN client. I need a VPN client supports group authorization, and imports the settings from pcf format.

Windows Vista 32-bit, Shrew client 2.1.5, also try 2.0.0 for 32-bit.

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It may be as a result of a corrupt file called infcache.1 in the %windir%\Inf directory. As the name implies, infcache.1 is a file that caches driver inf files. Find that file and rename it to infcache.1.bak

You should be able to install the Shrew VPN client after that. I would recommend first uninstalling all VPN clients that you've already tried to install and then rebooting. Rename the infcache.1 file first thing after a reboot. You may have to reboot again before trying the installation.

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This worked for me. Thanks! –  Xhantar Apr 26 '12 at 10:11

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