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I am using Hamachi VPN. I want to setup Windows 7 to use the Hamachi VPN network adapter for specific software on my system; other softwares should use the regular network adapters.

Is this possible in Windows 7? Is there a kind of filter system?

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It's the purpose of ForceBindIP

I don't have tested it myself and it's a sort of hack so it will not work in all cases...

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Not natively no. Most programs will go with the 'default' connection. Whichever one that was established first. Your better off looking into the program's options themselves.

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You could install your vpn client and the relevant programs to a virtual machine, but that's a klugde.

There's also the good old fashioned command line route command. Odds are the program you want to use the vpn will all be strictly talking to ip addresses in a specific range/subnet. So you can set your routing table to use the non-vpn interface for the default route, and the vpn interface for everything in the target range.

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