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I'm looking for a decent Windows editor with solid Mercurial support. I've had some trouble with Notepad++ (the Windows Explorer plugin was constantly crashing). What are some alternatives?

I'm not averse to shelling out a reasonable sum for a worthwhile product.

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Please elaborate about "mercurial support". Do you mean this in the context of merging changes from different branches and resolving conflicts? – geek Mar 26 '10 at 15:11
ideally, switching branches, merging and pushing or pulling to an external repo. the ability to switch branches in the editor would be fantastic, although i appreciate that merging may be out of the scope of a editor. – richzilla Mar 26 '10 at 16:11
Try emacs ... – Basile Starynkevitch Feb 29 at 6:46
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UltraEdit is a commercial product which has:

Configurable tool support (run compiler, run a batch file, integrate with version control, etc.) provides smart and dynamic command-line interaction with active file(s)

It costs $59.95

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Have you given a try at Vim Editor?
one good advantage with this editor, we can get many plugins suiting our needs (like mercurial support) and can configure extensively.

MinSCM : An abstract front-end for Mercurial/Git/Bazaar

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I did not try but this page says that Emacs has mercurial support. Here is the link to Emacs for Windows and Linux.

Check out the following link as well:
How to use Emacs to work with Mercurial

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Have you tried Sublime Text?

I just did some research and found that from the official Mercurial site they have listed a mercurial plugin for Sublime Text.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't work on Windows today because our Mercurial support depends on Watchman, but we have made the Hg package for Atom that we use and develop at Facebook publicly available as part of Nuclide:

Previously, we offered individual features of Nuclide as their own package, such as nuclide-hg-repository. However, due to performance issues with installing a collection of Atom packages, we decided to release Nuclide only as a single, monolithic package. This has solved a number of reported installation issues.

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Your link to the package is obsolete. Can you provide the new one? – abyss.7 Feb 26 at 6:29
@abyss.7 Thanks. Fixed the post and added an explanation. – bolinfest Feb 29 at 4:52
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