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This probably sounds ridiculous - but Im using Geany on Ubuntu 9.04. I noticed that it has a neat little terminal window at the bottom.

Would it be possible/and if so how would I set up if I could SSH onto a FreeBSD server via that terminal then open a file on the server in Geany?


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Your best bet for doing that is to use sshfs. Using FUSE, the handy sshfs util mounts a remote server as a local fs. eg:

mkdir foo
sshfs name@remote:/home/name ./foo

do stuff...

fusermount -u ./foo/

That way, you can use geany to open the file like a conventional local file. (I'm pretty sure Ubuntu has some fancy GUI way of doing it, but all this should work from the geany VTE.)

More info on sshfs in ubuntu. Have a look also at the Geany FAQ

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