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I have an Acer Tablet PC that came with WIndows XP Tablet PC Edition in the form of three recovery DVDs.

Sadly, a mainboard fault put the machine out of business. I have now bought a used one from a different manufacturer that came without an operating system.

I want to install the Windows XP Tablet PC edition on it. I have a license and CD key for it. However, the Acer machine's recovery DVDs seem to contain three parts of a Norton Ghost image, and nothing else. The recovery DVD won't even start on a Non-Acer system.

  • Is there any chance of extracting usable Windows XP installation files from that image? How are such image files usually made up?

  • Is there any free software around that can read Norton Ghost images so I can take a peek myself?

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If you have a copy of Ghost handy, Ghost Explorer (I think the filename is ghostexp.exe) should be somewhere on the disc. If not you might be able to obtain it by downloading a trial of Ghost itself via Symantec's site.

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This is a copy of Ghost Explorer, you can use this to extract the installation files.

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On reading your and @Darth's advice, I checked the DVDs again and found an explorer program already there (no original installation files found yet, though). Still thanks @Adeel for the upload, that's very nice. – Pekka 웃 Mar 27 '10 at 10:06

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