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Can't seem to get mysql-python to work on Snow Leopard for the life of me.

Currently using the default version of python that ships with Snow Leopard (python 2.6.1). Installed MySQL 5.1.45 x86_64.

I download the source for mysql-python and compile with the following commands:

tar xzf MySQL-python-1.2.3c1.tar.gz
cd MySQL-python-1.2.3c1
ARCHFLAGS='-arch x86_64' python build
ARCHFLAGS='-arch x86_64' python install

And am getting the following error when I try to import:

Python 2.6.1 (r261:67515, Jul  7 2009, 23:51:51) 
[GCC 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5646)] on darwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import MySQLdb
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "build/bdist.macosx-10.6-universal/egg/MySQLdb/", line 19, in <module>

  File "build/bdist.macosx-10.6-universal/egg/", line 7, in <module>
  File "build/bdist.macosx-10.6-universal/egg/", line 6, in __bootstrap__
ImportError: dlopen(/Users/derek/.python-eggs/MySQL_python-1.2.3c1-py2.6-macosx-10.6-universal.egg-tmp/, 2): no suitable image found.  Did find:
/Users/derek/.python-eggs/MySQL_python-1.2.3c1-py2.6-macosx-10.6-universal.egg-tmp/ mach-o, but wrong architecture

Any ideas? Or the best route for starting over.

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I also encountered this problem, and did not find a solution. Later changed to MySQL 32-bit, successfully installed the MySQL-Python, and problem solved~

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Delete already installed files, then try installing with the following command :

sudo easy_install-2.6 mysql-python

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Still getting an import error. ImportError: dynamic module does not define init function (init_mysql) – Derek Reynolds Mar 26 '10 at 23:21
Did you remove previously installed files ? – Studer Mar 26 '10 at 23:21

Did you try with macport?

sudo port install py26-mysql
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