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Using Microsoft Word 2007, is it possible to replace the newline character (\n) with some other character?

What about vice versa? (That is replace a character with the newline character).

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In word new line character is written as ^p. – user127379 Apr 9 '12 at 16:18

Go to Find (Ctrl+F) -> tab Replace -> click More... -> Special -> End of paragraph. The symbol is ^p. You can use it in both directions. I have MS Office 2007, but it should work in older versions too.

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Press Ctrl+H. In Find, type \n and type the desired character in Replace. Be sure to check the Regular expression check box.

That is it.

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Wrong answer. Word doesn't recognize \n. – Sнаđошƒаӽ Jul 3 at 5:48

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