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The file copying on local discs and network shares, and browsing shared folders is much slower on the Windows 7 than it was on Windows XP. I'm sure everyone encountered this problem, I personally have seen it on many different computers.

What would you recommend to speed up these operations?

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Don't really think theres anything you can do, just hope that Microsoft will fix it in some update.. If thats ever gonna happen. :p

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Probably remote-differential compression see or google it for loads of more info.

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I'm not sure if it works:… – Tom Pažourek Mar 27 '10 at 17:42
That is extremely strange. Since this is a technet site, I guess they know what they are talking about. All I can say, is that I have seen several machines with consistently slow copying across network which have been resolved by disabling RDC. (Although, I have to be honest and admit, I didn't actually re-enable it to see if the program re-occurred) I wonder is it possible for some third-party app (eg Anti-virus) to use RDC if available and for this to be causing the programs. – sgmoore Mar 27 '10 at 18:15

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