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My client is experiencing some odd response behavior in their browser for the past few days. Classic, "nothing has changed" so I am starting at ground zero. Browsing a website will timeout or take a ridiculous time to load -- other times, the same site and query is immediately responsive. Once a connection is established, video streams are uninterrupted.

The home network hosts a website, but it is not experiencing any activity in Apache's 'access.log'

I am using to check if the ISP through the internet is 'OK' -- which looks typical (average +/-). I have to suspect the home network is beaconing or something very abnormal, but I don't know where to start.

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It could be a problem with the DNS server: when the browser (any browser) tries to visit a "new" site, it first has to translate the host/domain name to an IP address, and this step can time out if the DNS server doesn't respond quickly enough.

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njd, based on that, I just googled for some DNS tools and came up with 'dtrace' and I am watching the following video to learn. Any other tools or sample scripts for dtrace?? – mobibob Mar 28 '10 at 0:07

A handy way to find out what the problem with networks like this is to use the Firebug Extension in Firefox.

Then enable the Net tab and load up a website. Firebug will give you a list of all the activities involved in downloading that webpage and show you how long they took.

This page has a tutorial on using the Net tab:

(not a hyperlink, cut and paste to get it - not enough rep *shrug*)

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Oh thats good to know ... I use Firebug but I did not find that feature. Good answer! – mobibob Mar 28 '10 at 16:16

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