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The situation is described here:

Is there a free and working tool?

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I fear if this get's migrated to SO it will get closed, since it's hardly a question to begin with. – Ivo Flipse Mar 30 '10 at 6:20

the free and working tool you mention is call "linker". one you could use is part of the package called "visual studio" from microsoft, the free version is called "visual studio express"

anyway, your real problem is that you need the .lib file used to resolve the link-time dependencies. you can grab the code for the mysql-connector and compile it yourself .. or you just grab the binaries provided by mysql over there.

i would pick up the .zip file provided for your architecture, unzip it and look into the "lib" folder. furthermore i would place the whole unzipped bundle to a place on your disk (i prefer "C:\Devel" .. so it becomes "C:\Devel\mysql-6.0.2-win32") and then add the "include" directory to the preprocessor settings and the "lib" directory to the linker settings.

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