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Can anyone thing of a reason why OS X would not allow me to do this? I seem to have total permissions...

new-host-4:Desktop michael$ whoami
new-host-4:Desktop michael$ ls -ltdr 2008_12_12/
drwxrwxrwx+ 5 michael  wheel  170 Mar 28 18:23 2008_12_12/
new-host-4:Desktop michael$ mv 2008_12_12/ foo
mv: rename 2008_12_12/ to foo: Permission denied
new-host-4:Desktop michael$ 

Thanks! /YGA

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1) Renaming a file is considered a modification of the directory it is in. What does...

ls -lde .

...tell you about your ability to modify the directory you're in (apparently "Destkop")?

2) There could already be a "foo" in the directory you're in, and you might not have privileges to replace it. What does...

ls -lde foo

...tell you?

3) The "+" at the end of the permissions for "2008_12_12/" means it has an ACL (Access Control List == additional permissions/restrictions) attached. What does...

ls -lde 2008_12_12

...tell you?

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Very nice... the answer was #3! – YGA Mar 29 '10 at 2:54

In OSX depending on where the directory is located you need to sudo the operation. I think if it's outside your home directory (/Users/[user] or ~), it requires sudo.

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It seems to be on his desktop: new-host-4:Desktop michael$ – Felix Mar 28 '10 at 23:31

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