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Is their any simple way in Windows Media Player to move to a specific second in a song/video without playing around with the slide?

(Like "Go To Line..." in text editors?)

Edit: If not possible, is there any other player that has this kind of feature?

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I think "NO"... – Ye Lin Aung Mar 29 '10 at 7:45
Is their any other player that has this kind of feature? – CD. Mar 29 '10 at 15:01
@CD - in general, if you want to modify your question, or add details, do so by editing your question. This way, it will also be made more visible to more people. – Gnoupi Mar 31 '10 at 14:47
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Yes, use VLC Media Player.

Best player for me, this works with rare type of files as real media files. and support so many, so many codes.

just go to Playback-> Go to Specific Time.

Multiplatform, multilanguage, accepts Plugins extensions and the best is that it is Free. :)

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After trying to get to a particular point in a large file, I got close by clicking on the slider then I use AutoHotKey to get closer to where I want. Then use the following hotkeys:

#IfWinActive, Windows Media Player

^left::                     ;;slow down WMP
        Send, {Ctrl Down}{shift Down}s{shift Up}{Ctrl Up}

^right::                        ;;speed up WMP
        Send, {Ctrl Down}{shift Down}g{shift Up}{Ctrl Up}

^down::                     ;;rewind WMP
        Send, {Ctrl Down}{shift Down}n{shift Up}{Ctrl Up}

left::                      ;;rewind WMP
        Send, {Ctrl Down}{shift Down}b{shift Up}{Ctrl Up}

right::                     ;;fastforward WMP
        Send, {Ctrl Down}{shift Down}f{shift Up}{Ctrl Up}

down::                      ;;normal/play WMP
        Send, {Ctrl Down}{shift Down}n{shift Up}{Ctrl Up}
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