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See what I wanna do is basically make bootable clones or disc images or whatever(let's call it "stuff" for now ) and store many of them in a single big HDD. Then, I wanna use that big HDD and the "stuff" in it to be able to deploy new machines without the hassle of reinstalling Windows and whatnot(i.e. I do not want to restore nor simply clone a same machine, I literally want to use clones to save time during machine set up). Obviously I'd deploy the "stuff" onto an HDD going into a machine that I know the hardware of to avoid driver issues and whatnot. I alos have enough Windows keys to deal with the multiple activations.

I tried using Acronis True Image but it doesn't seem to do what I want(unless idk how to use it properly).

Any advice is welcome thanks :)

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Good answer from DaveM. I also would like to add Acronis suite. It's one out of the best tool fitting your needs and you should take a look. There are enterprise and home solutions.

Also, as per your question, please make sure to SYSPREP your computer before deloyment.

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+1 for sysprep. Always important! – Dave M Mar 29 '10 at 18:09

GHOST solution suite, Backup Exec System Recovery, Microsoft System Centre, Altaris... Lots of products to do this. Can you explain in more detail exactly what you are doing.

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WDS a builtin service on w28kr2 supports multicasting etc... also deploys vhd's which is real cool!

VHD with the DISM.EXE and DJOIN.EXE priceless!

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