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I need to exchange encrypted messages with another party. These would be in the form of email like communication (not instant chat). The solution needs to be portable (USB stick).

I've tried "Portable Thunderbird/Enigmail/Gnupg/Hotmail account" but it's just impossible to setup portable, countless meaningless error messages. Anyway, I would prefer something more straightforward.


  • We won't know each others IP addresses.
  • Our computers will often be switched off.
  • Encryption would ideally be using a common password.

Is there a solution to this?

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How about this very primitive way?

  1. Create a small/tiny TrueCrypt volume using TrueCrypt Portable with a good password known to you and your recipient.
  2. Mount the volume, write you message in a file in the volume.
  3. Upload the volume somewhere* or email the volume to your recipient.

    * You can share it using Google Docs, Dropbox or even Rapidshare if your password is good enough.

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