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How to make opera forget about a «position» part of the hyperlink just after it is followed? (This is useful when I want to reload page and keep position where I am reading, while the original link has its own position specified.)

Opera-10.52_pre6272, Gentoo

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If you mean that you have followed a link with a fragment specified (the part after the hash sign), why not just press F5 to reload the page? Are you going to the address bar and pressing Enter or something?

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If I used F5 I got positioned according to the fragment identifier. Now I don't. Was this was fixed in new opera? – ZyX Mar 31 '10 at 9:17
@ZyX: I don't know. I don't think I ever saw the behavior you describe. – Hugh Allen Mar 31 '10 at 11:10
Strange: on one site (, Russian forum about linux) I do not get positioned after reload. On other site (, Russian IT blog) I do get positioned after reload. So I still want to know how to make Opera forget about a fragment identifier. – ZyX Mar 31 '10 at 15:48
Update: on unixforum I also get positioned on reload, but not if I use link with post number. I used it now only because it was the fastest way to check your answer, so I never noticed such strange behavior. – ZyX Mar 31 '10 at 15:53
Another update: forget about strange behavior, the problem was that I do not get positioned only if I scroll not enough to make the target element invisible. – ZyX Mar 31 '10 at 15:56

I just tried again and Opera did as you said - when I reloaded, it went to the fragment ID in the URL. I don't know why I didn't notice it before - perhaps because it's a recent change and I don't often refresh a page I'm in the middle of reading. I would consider it to be a bug - perhaps you would like to report it to Opera Software? I can confirm the same behavior on the Windows version (10.51).

Anyway, here's a workaround: when I'm about to change zoom, which sometimes makes me lose my place, I select some text (preferably a few words from within a single paragraph) and copy it to the clipboard. Then after changing zoom (or in your case reloading), I search for the text I just copied (Ctrl+F).

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This UserJS solves the issue:

// ==UserScript==
// @name PurgeAnchor
// @include *
// ==/UserScript==
(function() {
 var reg=/^(.*)\#(.*)$/;
 var match=reg.exec(location);
 function ObjectPosition(obj) {
    var curtop = 0;
          curtop += obj.offsetTop;
          obj = obj.offsetParent;
    else if(obj.y)
        curtop += obj.y;
    return curtop;
 if(match) {
    sessionStorage.setItem("anchor", match[2]);
 window.addEventListener("load", (function() {
         var anchor=sessionStorage.getItem("anchor");
         if(anchor!==null) {
             var obj=document.getElementById(anchor);
             if(obj===null) {
             var pos=0;
             if(obj!==null) {
                 window.scrollTo(0, pos);
     }), false);
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