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How do I declare a variable in C?

P.S. I have a pair of SteelSeries Siberia headphones. I've noticed that when watching some films the voices are completely silent, yet when I unplug the headset and listen through my speakers they are there and sound normal.

I have no other software that could be interfering with it and it happens regardless of the software I use for playback (I've tried VLC, WMP and Quicktime).

It is so strange, and it almost sounds deliberate - the rest of the audio is untouched but voices disappear. The films only have single audio tracks, and it doesn't happen with every film.

Can anyone give me any hints as to what could possibly cause this? I am stumped!

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Have a closer look at the movies where the "voices disappear". Do they have DTS or other surround sound audio tracks? Maybe your Player doesn't downmix the 6 (?) channels to stereo (i assume the headphones are stereo?) and just discard every channel but two.

I had the same problem and noticed, that only the left-back and right-back channels were used. Voices usually come from the front channels.

btw.: This is not a programming question ->

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Thanks, it was the number of channels. Using VLC and selecting stereo audio instead of 5.1 worked. – James Mar 29 '10 at 20:43

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