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Perhaps the worst-named tool in the *nix world, script is extremely handy when you want to capture all the output of a terminal session.

Is there a tool like it for Windows? Specifically, without having to install something like cygwin?

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Windows PowerShell has a Start-Transscript cmdlet.

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very cool - does anything similar exist pre-Powershell? This is definitely going to be a boon :) – warren Mar 30 '10 at 19:15
@warren: Not that I know of and rarely needed. I only ever needed a log of batch files but those are trivial to do. Sessions ... not so much. Shouldn't be too hard writing a program that dumps the complete console log to a file afterwards, though. – Joey Mar 31 '10 at 7:55

MTee is a tiny (11KB) program that works like the Unix tee command.
That is, it takes the output from a program (like cmd.exe) and sends it in two directions: to the console and to a file.

So you can use:

cmd.exe | mtee.exe C:\Path\some_log_file.txt
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