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Can I go ahead and install a Windows Home Server using an MSDN iso (en_windows_home_server_installation_disc_x86_dvd_x14-24276.iso), and activate it later when my OEM box arrives (OEM sku as bought from Amazon, , or will I have to wait and use the media that ships with the license?

  1. I know that you can not do his with the trial, but the MSDN iso is listed as "retail".
  2. I do not wish to use the MSDN activation key for this install.
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The OEM license will likely NOT activate the MSDN license. My experience has been that the keys from MSDN work fine, but other keys, especially OEM, "not so much"

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Short answer, it works.

I did install from the MSDN iso. It informed me I had 30 days before requiring activation. I ran for 2 weeks without activation. Then my OEM license arrived and I activated the server with the OEM product key without any problem. No reinstall required.

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