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How do I make windows launch a new instance of explorer.exe when I open My Computer? I know there is a setting that does this. I turned it on previously and the performance increase was noticeable.

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Stackoverflow really isn't intended as a place for general, non-programming computer questions like this. – Chris Upchurch Sep 18 '08 at 4:15
As Chris said, this is not a programming question. Closed. – Rob Cooper Sep 18 '08 at 5:42

It's under tools in any explorer window

Tools->Folder Options->View->Launch Folder Windows in new Process

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Tools, Folder Options... then something about "Launch each folder in a separate process" or similar, in a long list of checkboxes.

Don't have Windows at hand, so I can't look it up in more detail :)

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Yep. It's "open each folder in its own window" and it's only a list of two radio buttons :) – Swati Sep 18 '08 at 4:15

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